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If you’re looking to get better at photography in 2016, one great option is to do a 52-week photography challenge that forces you to complete regular assignments throughout the whole year. And we’ve found a great one you can take on as your new year’s resolution.

Photographer Dale Foshe has put together a 52 week photography challenge list that anyone around the world can download and take part in.

“I have been a full time wedding photographer for 7 years, and have been teaching photography at the local community arts center for several years now,” Foshe tells PetaPixel. “Part of what I have seen that helps my student’s grow the fastest is a repeating weekly assignment around three categories.”

The 3 categories are: portrait, landscape, and artistic impression (expressing yourself in your own creative way). With these categories in mind, Foshe created this 52-week list of assignments (click download below to save and print the PDF for yourself, or visit/bookmark the online list here):

In the first week, you’ll be challenged to shoot a self portrait. The following week, capture a traditional landscape. After another week passes, make a photo with the simple theme “red.” And on and on it goes. Over 52 weeks, you’ll alternate between shooting portraits, landscapes, and artistic assignments.

“This list is going to be more challenging to complete than a simple 52 week photography challenge list,” Foshe writes on the challenge webpage. “But stick with it to the end and I guarantee you will be a better photographer for it.”

He also recommends that you band together with a group of photographers to shoot and share the images together. If you’d like to join a large digital group, there’s an official challenge group on Facebook with hundreds of members already.

Good luck, and may your photography skills reach new heights in 2016!

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Each week we’ll be giving you a theme that you can submit a photo for, and we’ll choose our two favourites to be featured on the Nature TTL website. Participating in these assignments will be a great way for you to force yourself to push the boundaries of your photography and improve together as a community on the website.

Week 70: Macro

Our theme this week is Macro. This week, try jumping into the world of macro photography. If you don’t have a macro lens, then try using a telephoto lens instead – it can work really well too if you stand back a bit! The bonus here is that you are less likely to scare away any insects.

Here are some tutorials to help you:

Submit Your Photo

To enter your photo to this assignment, add it in the comments below this post. By submitting your photo, you are giving us permission to feature your photo the following week if it is chosen as one of our favourites.

Here are some guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

  • Photos must be your own work
  • Please enter no more than 3 photos per week
  • Please only enter photos taken within the week of the assignment
  • Include a description with your photo and tell us a bit about it!

You have until next Tuesday, 13th March, to submit your photo.

Last Week’s Favourite

Here is our favourite from last week’s assignment, Comedy. You can view all of the entries here.

Tim’s image captures a deer in a rather comical situation! Technically, I love the snowflakes in this image. They’re not too sharp or too blurred, showing just the right amount of streaking before they turn to looking like raindrops. Very magical, and funny, scene!




Images embedded from 500px.com

Good luck!

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