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Mba Supply Chain Management Ignou Assignments

MS-97 International Business


Block- 1 Introduction Business: Role and Processes
Unit-1 Introduction
Unit-2 International Business Theories
Unit-3 International Investment Process and Finance

Block- 2 Strategic Management
Unit-4 Structural Design of MNEs
Unit-5 Strategic Planning in MNEs
Unit-6 Strategic Considerations

Block- 3 Control and Evaluation
Unit-7 Control and Information Business
Unit-8 Performance Measurement and Evaluation
Unit-9 Multinational Corporate Culture and Host Countries

Block- 4 Management Processes and Practices
Unit-10 Human Resource Management In MNEs
Unit-11 Production Management and Logistics
Unit-12 Negotiations in International Business

Block- 5 Multilateral Arrangements 
Unit-13 International Business and Developing Countries
Unit-14 Regional Trade Groupings and Cooperation
Unit-15 International Intervention and International Business
Unit-16 Multilateral Negotiations
Unit-17 Different Aspects of Marketing in International Business
Unit-18 Monetary Fiscal Policy and Derivatives of Indian Financial Market  

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