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Childrens Day Celebration In India Essay For Kids

Essay on Children’s Day for Students

November 12, 2016

by Viji Athreye

Writing is an essential part of a child’s academic years at school. It helps them to be articulate and increases their vocabulary; and honing good writing skills at an early age is great for your child’s development. However, if writing doesn’t come easily to you (our readers, including teachers, students as well as parents), you can benefit from creating an full-fledged write-up from our outline blog of a Children’s day essay. This write-up is prepared with the intent of helping each of our reader to create their own essay for school assignments and improving their skills of article writing.

With Children’s Day about to be celebrated on the 14th of November, this topic will be, of course, trending for schools across India. By way of this article, we have tried to make things a little easier for the teachers, parents as well as the students. We don’t appreciate spoon feeding, therefore we are providing you with a useful model to follow; by categorising the main points, organising the paragraphs into an order and most importantly, giving you tips to write. Let’s keep it simple yet interesting!

We would appreciate if you can send in your feedback or write about it in the comments’ section, so we can cover as many ‘Festivals’ and ‘Important days’ through this activity. Here goes:


Introductions play a very important role in any essay.

  • The first rule is to get the reader interested, as well as raise the topic of discussion in the very first sentence.
  • Background information about the topic being written on is also very important. This is the “Whys”.
  • Keep the introduction short and precise. You will be dwelling into the topic in the main body of the essay.
  • Repetition in an introduction is an absolute “NO”.

So keeping the above in mind, the introduction to an essay on Children’s Day would begin as follows:

“Children are the future of every nation, and India celebrates Children’s Day on ___________. On this day, the first Prime Minister of India Pandit________________ was born. Pandit__________was very fond of children, and worked towards their betterment by establishing educational institutions, and free meal programmes to help the malnourished children. Pandit_____________ was known ‘Chacha Nehru’ to the children.”

The Main Body of the Essay

This part of the essay will constitute the reasons for, as well as the details of the celebration.

  • You begin with the main idea behind the celebration. For a Children’s Day essay, it should begin with “Children’s Day is celebrated to create awareness among the people of India in grooming the children of the nation in the right manner, so that they grow up to be responsible citizens who will contribute towards the progress of the nation.”
  • You will, then, proceed to describe the ways and means in which India can help the children. It should include the basic necessities like education, nutrition, protection and security of the children of India that should be provided.
  • Once you have covered the aforesaid, you need to dwell into the problems that the children in India, especially those belonging to the poverty stricken community are facing. In this part of the essay, you need to do research and find the actual on ground problems with statistics. (The percentage of BPL families in India, the number of malnourished children, number of children who are engaged in child labour, the number of children who are school dropouts, among other relevant pieces of research and information.)
  • Having covered the problems faced, you need to now shift the focus to the ‘reasons’. Here you need to explain that poverty is the main reason for the sad state of affairs for the majority of children in India. You also need to include the point that free education does not necessarily mean quality education, because of which there are school dropouts.
  • Recommendations to remove the problems will follow next. Here you need to give your own ideas on the subject, and describe ways and means by which the problems can be eradicated. For Children’s Day essay you could recommend quality education, strict implementation of laws to stop child labour, sponsoring of the poor children by the rich for their education as well as a good standard of living, foster care, and availability of nourishing food to all the poor children as per the wish of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • The main body will end on a happier note with you describing how Children’s Day is celebrated across the nation. Here you will include the functions and competitions that are held in schools.


The conclusion of any essay plays a pivotal role in making it a success story. Here are a few pointers to getting the conclusion right:

  • Children’s Day celebration is and will always remain a contemporary topic, and the problems faced by the children trending, till the time they are not eradicated from the root. Thus you need to begin the conclusion with a warning to the readers of the consequences if the proper steps are not taken with immediate effect.
  • You can again recommend a specific course of action. Recommendations when repeated will become more prominent.
  • You need to search the internet for an apt quote which goes with the theme of the essay. For eg. “Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man- Rabindranath Tagore” 
  • The last sentence of the conclusion should again reiterate the importance of nurturing the children of India so that they grow up to be good human beings and help in building a stronger nation.

We hope this template is easy and helps all the teachers, parents and students in writing the essay on Children’s Day without much difficulty. Remember, one needs to be articulate and concise so the essence of the essay is not lost. Happy Essay Writing!!

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Children’s Day for Kids

The children’s day is observed in India on the 14th November every year. This day is the birth day of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Panditji was very fond of children. He loves to be among the children. The children also loved him and called him ‘Chacha’.

On the event of Children’s day, functions are held in schools and other children’s organizations. Special fairs for children are also arranged on this day.

In our school, we put on colourful dresses and assemble in the big hall. We take part in dance, songs, recitation and many other programs. There are also debates and other competitions. The winners get attractive prizes. Children enjoy the Children’s day very much.

The main purpose of celebrating Children’s day is to make the children feel happy. However, this day also encourages us to protect the rights of the children of our country. Our constitution has framed various child rights. For example, elementary education is every child’s fundamental right.

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